Negros explorations including Mt.Mantiquil

Flaming Sunbird

It has been several years since I last went to Negros. I decided to visit this Visayan Island again in preparation for the 2014 remote birding tour. I began my trip in Mt. Kanlaon and in the Mambukal resort where one can find the remnant forest on the slopes of the mountains. Several mixed flocks were encountered in the area holding the very attractive Flame-templed Babbler, our main target bird on the mountain.  Visayan Balicassiao and Stripe-headed Rhabdornis were commonly seen and seen several times were the Negros Leaf-Warbler, Visayan Fantail, White-vented Whistler, and Visayan Flowerpecker. A Red-bellied Pitta showed itself once and a Spotted Wood-Kingfisher showed very well. A Variable Dwarf-Kingfisher also perched for some time. Several White-winged Cuckoo-Shrikes showed well and we also got long views of the Visayan Shama. Another attraction in the Mambukal Resort are the three species of Flying-Foxes that number in the hundreds and can be seen flying around making for a pretty spectacular sight.

Flame-templed Babbler

One day birding around the beautiful, forested Lake Balinsasayao resulted in many views of the Flaming Sunbird and Crimson Sunbird. A pair of White-winged Cuckoo-Shrikes also showed very well. At night, several Negros Scops-Owls were heard and a spectacular view of a Philippine Frogmouth was more than welcome. I spent the night in the Forest Garden Resort in the town of Valencia which is at the base of Mt. Talinis. At dusk, I was able to spot this most tiny owl, the Negros Scops-Owl.

 Lake Balinsasayao 

Philippine Frogmouth

Negros Scops-Owl

I decided to visit Mt. Mantiquil in search of the endemic Negros-striped Babbler. The site can be visited in one day coming from Valencia or Dumaguete City. Despite the windy weather, we were able to get a few views of the Babbler. A Visayan Hornbill also showed very well.

Forested slopes at Mt.Manitquil

We shall visit South Negros on our 2014 remote tour which includes spending one day each in Lake Balinsasayao, Valencia, and Mt. Mantiquil to search for the Negros Striped-Babbler and more Visayan endemics.

Flying-Fox at the Mambukal Resort.